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Holiday Wines- sure to awaken you from your mono-varietal zombie state

Here are three wines that I think should be on your holiday list, if not on your table. If you are looking for the old school predictable holiday wine recommendation I suggest you look elsewhere.

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Cuban Picadillo and Saffron Yellow Rice

This is an old family recipe that my grandmother used to treat us to when we lived in Florida and reminds me of the rich Cuban traditions that were such a big part of my culinary awakening and that still continue to influence me. Invite some friends over grab a couple or three bottles of wine (see my recommendations below) and spoil them with this dish; you will be the talk of the supper club circuit.

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Wine & Food Pairing: 2009 Forefront Pinot Gris and Braised Pork Shoulder

A wine and food pairing of the 2009 Forefront Pinot Gris with Braised Pork Shoulder with Rustic Oven Polenta. A pairing to remember!

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Vintuba TV – South Stage Cellars

ChrisO reviews a bottle of 2007 Alchemy from South Stage Cellars after his trip to Southern Oregon. Who knew that the “everyman’s wine snob” would enjoy this wine?!

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Podcast 21 Napa Cellars

In episode #21 ChrisO “Everyman’s Wine Snob” and JonM “Wine Snob’s Everyman” review, discuss, banter, argue, and throw out a bevy of analogies about the new value wines from Napa Cellars.

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Vintuba TV – Review Fontanafredda Barbera

ChrisO takes a look at the 2008 Fontanafredda “Briccotonde” Barbera which heralds from the Piemonte region of northern Italy. Come see what $11.99 will buy you.

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Vintuba TV -Review 2008 Veramonte Ritual Pinot Noir

ChrisO reviews the 2008 Veramonte “Ritual” Pinot Noir from Casablanca Valley Chile. See what cool climate, Paul Hobbs, Chile and value wine have in common.

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Podcast 20 True value wines under $25

In podcast 20 JonM and I explore some value wines under $25 from Argentina, California, and Oregon. When we say “value” we by no means mean cheap, but what we do mean is a wine that delivers way above their price point. We think we found some wines that you are going to like. We also discus some of the limitations of wine retailers and the very arcane system of wine distribution in the US.

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Podcast 19 Two Guys and a “Date Night” Cabernet

What happens when you have ChrisO and JonM separated by 2,000 miles and you add a organically grown cabernet sauvignon from Napa? Why a “Date Night” of course. Listen in and learn…

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A Siren Song and a Spanish Thanksgiving

So here I sit on the 11th of November thinking of my wine pairing suggestions for Thanksgiving. I swore to myself that I would not succumb to the holiday sirens that beg anyone who writes about wine to do the obligatory post about holiday food and wine pairings. But alas, I have surrendered!

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The Stories Behind Wine Episode 2 – Oslavia – Drinking History

Inspired by the book, “Ribolla Gialla Oslavia: The Invisible Part of a Wine,” we travel to a little village in Italy called Oslavia that has been gaining popularity in the wine world for producing non-traditional, original wines with the Ribolla Gialla grape. The battle ground for both 20th century world wars, this area experienced complete destruction only to have strong independent winemakers return to replant its vineyards and rebuild. With Ribolla Gialla, you can drink Oslavia’s history.

The Stories Behind Wine Episode 1 – Port



We talk to Nick Poleto Director of wine education for Kobrand Imports. Get out your smoking jacket, light up your cigars and kick back to the soothing tales of Port.

Wine Soiree- An interview with Andrew Lazorchak

ChrisO, from, interviews Andrew Lazorchak from Wine Soiree, the man behind the latest wine aeration innovation. Watch as wine is spilled, decanters hugged, and millionaires made.

Podcast 23-Value from Bordeaux

We are particularly excited about this podcast because we get to discuss a topic that is not usually associated with this region, and that is value. Join us as we taste through 3 wines; a white, rose, and red wine from the broader appellations of Bordeaux. All of the wines we taste are in the sub $15 range and deliver on the promise of good QPR (quality price ratio).

Rhone where you want to – An interview with John Alban

Ever wonder why the annual Hospice du Rhone event is held in Paso Robles California and not the Rhone Valley of France? Well so did we! We asked John Alban, the founder of and chief evangelist of the Hospice du Rhone movement, this very question and many others and got answers that may surprise you. Who would have thought that you would hear Rhone wines mentioned in the same sentence as Baskin Robins, 80’s big hair glam rock, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. What are some of your favorite Rhone style wines?

On the Verge at Hospice du Rhone 2010

ChrisO interviews Jay Kell from Verge Winery at the 2010 Hospice du Rhone Grand Tasting. Find out what this wine has in common with Queen Latifah and Burning Man.

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